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Levi's Commuter

  • Levi's Commuter Field Parka - Light Blue Field Parka - Light Blue
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  • Levi's Commuter Shirt - Indigo Shirt - Indigo
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The Levi's commuter range is a breakaway from the norm for Levi's, they have spotted a subculture that they can lend their technology to and design a range of clothing that will enhance the cycle ride for everyday commuter cyclists. Levi's have thrown a lot of technology into the design of the is range of Commuter clothing, every day all over the world there are hundreds of millions of people who make the daily cycle commute to their place of work.

Levi’s Commuter, technology meets great functionality for everyday cyclists.

What exactly can Levi's add to a basic pair of jeans that will make them suitable to sit under the Commuter banner.
•    3m reflective lining on the selvedge part of the trouser, so when you wear your trouser with a turn-up there is a reflective surface for dark nights.
•    Reinforced crotch area, an extra panel of material that is double stitched to reinforce the crotch area of the trouser, (the area most likely to rip and tear first).
•    Nanosphere technology, yes space-age technology in denim, Nanoprene is a coating that the fibres of the trousers are coated with, the Nanoprene material makes the fabric Water Repellant, Stain Resistant and less likely to smell.
•    Higher rise to rear of trousers; the rear part of the trousers sits higher up your back, meaning there is less chance of the trouser exposing parts of your rear that shouldn’t be exposed.
•    Bike Lock Loop; there is an extra loop of material sewn Into the belt loop that enables you to use the loop to tuck your bike lock into, this makes it easier to stow and carry your bike lock for every day use.
The features of the Levi’s Commuter range are not aimed just at fixed gear cyclists, the functionality and features will be beneficial for anyone who cycles to work on a daily basis.  Levis have listened to cyclists and taken on board all the problems they encounter on a daily basis and re-designed a pair of jeans that can fulfill all these needs and still look pretty good in the process.