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Jansport Heritage forms part of the larger company known as Jansport, which is a very well-known name when it comes to bags and backpacks. In fact, it could be said that it is a household name in the backpack market. The company was founded by three people in 1967: outdoor enthusiast Skip Yowell, experienced seamstress Jan Lewis, and engineer Murray Pletz. As recent college graduates, the three friends craved to leave the 9-5 grind. This strong combination of skills led the friends to create one of the biggest backpack brands on earth.

The 1960s was interesting for many reasons. For many of the companies starting up in this decade, it marked a time when norms and traditions would be broken. In other words, the new attitude and way of life that developed in the sixties would be visible in many brands, one of them being Jansport. The themes that influenced Jansport include youth culture, political movements, social change, art and music.

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Today, Jansport is a brand that has maintained its identity. Many of its bags have become iconic. Jansport designs are both innovative and intuitive, and still manage to stay impressively current considering the sheer pace that life is moving at today. From its original roots, Jansport has maintained its identity. The brand’s true message is embodied in their trademarked statement: “Jansport. Discover Freedom.” The bags are designed to be practical, comfortable to wear and ideal for outdoor use.

Jansport Heritage provides backpacks and holdalls. However, Jansport also manufactures a number of different items including wheeled bags for travel, outdoor packs, laptop carriers and other bags that can be used for travel. The brand also produces limited edition items and has even recently collaborated with Keith Hufnagel, owner of HUF clothing. Jansport Heritage has a number of high-quality, affordable and stylish bags available.