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Happy Socks was founded in Sweden in Spring 2008. It’s two founders are Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh. Viktor and Mikael wanted to intertwine a number of positive attributes into this brand so that they could create one of the best sock companies in the world. Their vision was to use creativity and quality to make socks that were not only excellently crafted, but also colourful and fun. Many of the socks in the Happy Socks range are unisex.

The co-founders of Happy Socks really bring a fascinating and effective approach to the company. No wonder it has become so successful in a few short years! The creative director, Viktor, was an illustrator and graphic designer who eventually moved into the fashion industry. He makes sure that the socks are funny and full of colour. The CEO, Mikael Söderlindh, had a decade of previous experience in the advertising industry. Mikael and Viktor had been friends for a while, and in 2008 they finally decided to collaborate on Happy Socks.

Happy Socks...Transforming the Medicore

The powerful intersection between Viktor's creativity and Mikael’s advertising and business skills has made Happy Socks an excellent company. They have done a great job thus far of making something as mediocre as a pair of socks so exciting and interesting. Quality is also at the heart of this company. They use soft, combed cotton in their socks and the toes and heels are ‘reinforced’ to make the socks more durable and long-lasting.

Today Happy Socks are sold in almost fifty countries worldwide. The company have already had a number of high-profile collaborations including with Barneys New York and even with Bearbrick toys. Happy Socks recently created a pair of socks to go with an exclusive Bearbrick toy. With such amazing progress in so little time, we’re expecting to see big things from Happy Socks in the coming year and months. Browse our extensive and colourful range today.