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Fulton Umbrellas have been at the forefront of the development of umbrellas for over 50 years, almost all of the technical innovations can be traced back to its founder Arnold Fulton. Living in the UK and being used to the varied nature of the weather you will most likely have both sunglasses and a brolly in your bag for every day use as you never know what the weather is going to throw at you, so be prepared is our motto, many times our faithful Fulton has saved the day during a downpour.??

Fulton Umbrellas, come rain or shine, mostly rain though.

The titan is the strongest umbrella Fulton makes and in testing in wind tunnels it can withstand wind speeds up to 78mph, as any golfer will tell you this umbrella is the one you want on the course with you during a downpour. How light can you make a brolly, well the answer is the same as a bunch of keys, the superslim-1 & superslim-2 are both so light that they weigh the same as a bunch of keys, if you are going to have a brolly as your fallback tucked up in your bag, the n the superslim looks like it could be the one for you.

Another Avid fan of the Fulton brand is the Queen, the relationship between the Queen and Fulton goes as far as Fulton making Umbrellas specifically for her to match outfits she may be wearing during social engagements, there is a whole set of colours that have only ever been produced for the Queen, and for this service the Royal Warrant is extended to Fulton for services rendered.