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Flying Coffin has been around for approximately a decade. It was founded by Jason Gomez, who moved to Hawaii from America. As a child, Gomez was very interested in art. This passion caused him to move to Seattle, where he started the brand Flying Coffin.
Jason admits that he was a bit of a rebel at school, and this rebellious streak can certainly be seen in many of the Flying Coffin designs. Something that started as a hobby has grown into a worldwide brand of urban clothing.

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Many of the original designs in the Flying Coffin range were influenced by Jason’s love of comic books. His biggest problem was that he had a 'mental block' when it came to illustrating. Fortunately, he overcame this block by creating his designs on computer software rather than freehand. Designing clothing was something that Jason was naturally passionate about. He often created designs for fun. However, it was a friend who saw the potential in some of the designs and encouraged Jason to get some printed.

You might be surprised to hear that Jason was initially hesitant about turning Flying Coffin into a business. This was because he felt like the world didn't need another t-shirt brand. We're glad his fiance helped him to change his mind! Today, Flying Coffin clothing is sold in many different parts of the United States, Hawaii (Jason's home town), Australia, Canada, Denmark and Taiwan, and here in the United Kingdom (to name a few!). iConsume is currently one of only five stores that stocks this brand within the UK.

Flying Coffin continue to impress us every time they bring out a new line of clothing. There are talks of collaborations with Rebel 8's founder Mike Giant. The future seems very bright for Flying Coffin and its owner Jason Gomez. His genuine love of the brand is what has kept it original and authentic.