Montana Gold!

We have recently added the full range of 204 colours of Montana Gold to our website. This paint has been specifically crafted to maximise coverage and accuracy as well as meeting the highest quality control standards while giving professional results.

This formulation of Montana Gold is fast drying, weatherproof and will not crack or succomb to colour bleaching, and with 204 colours it is the largest spraypaint colour range in the world. The paint is also extremely durable and is easy to spray onto flexible surfaces.

Montana Gold is perfect for canvas, it achieves a new level of ease and control while in use, this is why it is the true artist’s choice when it comes to aerosol paint.

Also available are Montana Gold SprayCaps, these have been specially developed for use with the Montana Gold line and come in a gradual size range – from skinny to fat, as marked by the colour difference in caps.


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