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Benny Gold was just like most of us, working in a job he didn’t care much for, got no satisfaction from and working for a boss he’d rather not be working for, but hey, it pays the bills. Most of us would just continue with the same old same old, whining about it and expecting things to change by themselves. He was working for a large faceless corporation that squeezed no creativity from him, so did he stay? No, not Benny Gold. He walks and sets out on his own path.

The Benny Gold brand started with something as simple as a sticker that he used to stick up around the SF area. The great thing about the simple sticker is that it is within the reach of everyone, you can stick it wherever you want and if people don’t like it that much they can peel it off and no harm is done. Stickers are easy and cheap to produce and you can put a few hundred up in a day or so. If you get a street team together you could have thousands of Benny Gold stickers stuck up in a day. The impact that stickers can have is immense, they are obvious and as far as advertising goes, the plain old sticker was the tool chosen by Benny Gold.

Benny Gold, pure Gold Street wear straight through.

The Benny Gold brand is now worldwide with over 200 of the best street wear boutiques across the globe carring the Benny gold clothing line. In Scotland we are the only store chosen to carry the flag, but you will find his clothing line all across Europe, Asia & Japan. In the states the flagship is the SF store. They are based on that stretch of SF street which is a mecca for all street wear brands. A stretch of road that also houses Undefeated, The Hundreds, Diamond Supply Co and many more up and coming brands.

It took a few years for Benny Gold to be able to move to the bigger store it now sits in, but the relocation to the new site has ensured that the brand has grown to its current level. Such is his dedication that he spent the New Year working on the new line. No 9-5 mentality for Benny gold! The iconic image for the Benny Gold brand is the Glider plane which was first seen in 2003. It was made infamous when it appeared on his roommate in the cult film ‘Quality of Life’. This classic glider logo was never reproduced until 2011 when it made it onto a sweatshirt and T-Shirt in the original colourway. Instagram is where all the Benny Gold fans around the world share their recent purchases. Holiday time is most popular and it is the family aspect, knowing you are part of a tight community that keeps the Benny Gold brand growing strong.