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  • Armor-Lux Breton Stripe S/S 1527 - Navy/Natural Breton Stripe S/S 1527 - Navy/Natural
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  • Armor-Lux Breton Stripe Jumper - Navy/White Breton Stripe Jumper - Navy/White
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Armor-Lux is a traditional French brand that has its history steeped in the Breton area of France, it first seen the light of day back in 1938, then the war came and production stopped as all materials were only available for the war effort. it wasn't until after 1945 that Armor-Lux started making garments again. Coming from the Breton area of France, the nautical them has always been a large part of the Armor-lux range, this symbolic stripe and wide boat style neck are a very good summertime look, especially with a pair of light shoes and chinos or chino shorts.

The Armor-lux range is very classic and doesn’t change much, at iConsume we stick with the core range and delve into a bit of knitwear, which is made to last a lifetime, the quality of this brand is one of the highest in its style, 100% wool and made with years of experience.

Armor-Lux Clothing, A great summertime look with a touch of style.

The Armor-lux brand has heightened is reputation in the fashion world by doing collaborative ranges with Norse Projects and the world class French store 'Collette' of Paris.  The classic piece is the 1527, which is a lightweight short-sleeved T, this sits alongside the 2297, which is the heavier interlocked long-sleeved version, the colour range is quite wide but looks best when you stick to the classic colour palette.
Armor-lux clothing brings a piece of classic French charm to the UK and the shield logo points you out as a person who appreciates the finer things and one who recognizes the benefits of this heritage French brand.
The Armor-lux brand is still made in the same part of France as it always has, it is still made using the same techniques, same materials and when you look at it, it has not changed very much since it started back in 1938. The classic styles and classic manufacturing keep the local skill level up, and the local craftsmen who make the clothing will be doing so for another 50 years.